Three IGC titles featured in Humble Bundles

The IGC is well-represented this week in the Humble Bundle, with three games across two of the current bundles!  Pay what you want while supporting charities like the Maker Education Initiative, Worldreader, the Mozilla Foundation and CodeNow.

The Humble Mozilla Bundle includes nine big name indie titles that can be played right in the browser.  This bundle includes two IGC titles:

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome

Aaaaa! took place in an alternate 2011, where BASE jumpers leapt from the skies and executed stunts around the floating buildings of Upper Boston. This semi-sequel picks up six years later — the sport’s been outlawed, and you’re jumping as a form of protest. High in Earth’s stratosphere, you’ll thread a path through the rotating blades of enormous wind turbines. Elsewhere in the solar system, you’ll dodge asteroids above seas of lava, spray graffiti onto lunar government offices, and flip off Ganymede colonists — all in the name of peaceful protest.

Jack Lumber

A tree killed his granny and now he is out for revenge. Meet Jack Lumber, the supernatural lumberjack who hates trees, loves animals, and hates trees. Did we say that twice? The guy really hates trees, and boy does he have an axe to grind.

Use the supernatural powers of Jack Lumber to massacre the forest in this time-warping, line-drawing, log-slicing, pun-filled lumberjacking mashup! Bust out your flannel to muster the strength and burliness to solve the skill and logic puzzles (flannel not actually required).



The “Get Your Learn On” Humble Weekly Bundle is all about the power of knowledge and features seven fun educational games.  This bundle includes one IGC title:

The Counting Kingdom

Get ready for magic, monsters, and math with The Counting Kingdom!

From writing simple spells to brewing bubbly potions, yesterday was just another day in your life as the Wizard’s Apprentice. Today, a horde of angry monsters is attacking The Counting Kingdom, and only you can defend the castle towers! Using your spells, potions, and the mighty power of mathematics, you must banish the monsters and save the kingdom!

Take up your tome of spells and save the castle in this tactical puzzler, featuring strategic tower defense gameplay across an expansive world map.


Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness, and Bananas released for iOS

Jungle Rumble

Freedom, Happiness, and Bananas!

The world got a little freakier on May 1, 2014 as Disco Pixel released their genre-bending rhythm game, Jungle Rumble. The app store featured it on the front page. It jumped to the top of the music game charts. It ushered in a new era of world peace and prosperity. One of these statements is an exaggeration. You can find it in the app store here: Or if you prefer reading about something before spending your hard earned dough, you can check out some reviews here: Indie Gems 148 Apps Pocket Gamer Look at it soar up the charts! numberonezoom

Indie Game Collective PAX East 2014: Games, Booths and Talks


With PAX East on the horizon, the Indie Game Collective has been receiving a steady stream of inquiries from the media, and other interested parties, regarding our plans for the mega-conference held on April 11 – 13 in Boston, MA. To make it easier on everyone, we have decided to assemble a one-stop-shop for all of our PAX East booth locations, games we’re showing off and talks we are giving for any and all interested parties.

IGC Studio Booths And Games At PAX East

82 Apps
Booth: Indie MEGABOOTH #580
Game: Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
More Info:
Dejobaan Games
Booth: Indie MEGABOOTH #774
Games: Drunken Robot Pornography
Elegy for a Dead World
Monster Loves You!
More Info:
IGF Nuovo honorable mention
IGF Excellence in Narrative honorable mention
Disco Pixel
Booth: Indie MEGABOOTH #675
Game Jungle Rumble
More Info:
Little Worlds Interactive
Booth: MassDiGI Made in MA Booth #499
(1PM to 5PM)
Game: The Counting Kingdom
More Info:
Owlchemy Labs
Booth: Indie MEGABOOTH #674
Game: Dyscourse - The first ever playable demo of Dyscourse!
More Info:
Booth: Indie MEGABOOTH #675
Games Elegy for a Dead World
(And just a little Girls Like Robots)
More Info: IGF Nuovo honorable mention
Experimental Gameplay selection GDC 2014

IGC Members Giving Talks At PAX East

Ichiro Lambe - President @ Dejobaan Games

Break On Through: The Future of Music Games
Friday 4/11 7:30PM - 8:30PM
Bumblebee Theatre

Free to Play Throwdown - Boston Mobile Devs Debate the Business of Mobile Games
Saturday 4/12 10:30AM - 11:30AM
Cuttlefish Theatre

What to do with your Game Design Degree: Employment at Social/Mobile/Indie studios
Saturday 4/12 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Bumblebee Theatre

Elliott Mitchell - Co-Founder @ Vermont Digital Arts & Boston Unity Group

How can we stay positive in the games industry?
Friday 4/11 9:00PM - 10:00PM
Bumblebee Theatre

What to do with your Game Design Degree: Employment at Social/Mobile/Indie studios
Saturday 4/12 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Bumblebee Theatre

Trevor Stricker - President @ Disco Pixel

Break On Through: The Future of Music Games
Friday 4/11 7:30PM - 8:30PM
Bumblebee Theatre

What to do with your Game Design Degree: Employment at Social/Mobile/Indie studios
Saturday 4/12 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Bumblebee Theatre

Gaming Socially: A World at Play
Saturday 4/12 4:00PM - 5:00PM
Badger Theatre

While your at the conference, be sure to visit all of our friends at the MassDiGI Made in MA Booth and the Indie MEGABOOTH!

Little Worlds Interactive at Apps World North America 2014

Jenna Hoffstein of Little Worlds Interactive spoke at Apps World North America 2014 on February 5th about the challenges facing indie game developers publishing mobile games.  As part of the “Indie Learning Lab” panel, she discussed the importance of marketing for indie developers.


Many independent game developers do an amazing job developing their game, but don’t put the same time and care into sharing that game with the world.  This poses enormous challenges in the app store, where your app is one of a million and you’re competing on the category rankings with large companies with deep pockets.  Jenna discussed Little Worlds Interactive’s strategies for marketing The Counting Kingdom, and also shared a few unique marketing ideas from other Boston-based developers.


Unite 2013: Talks

A bunch of us kept super busy at this years Unite 2013 event. Check out the talks given by Popcannibal, Disco Pixel, Owlchemy Labs and Vermont Digital Arts!

Postmortem: Girls Like Robots. Or: How I Accidentally an Adult Swim Game.
Ziba Scott, Luigi Guatieri – Popcannibal

Runtime Remix: Dynamic Audio in Real Time
Trevor Stricker – Disco Pixel

Console to Mobile: Bringing an AAA Console Title to Mobile with Almost Zero Asset Modification
Alex Schwartz, Devin Reimer – Owlchemy Labs

Successfully Avoiding Common Pathways to Heartbreak and Disasters in Your Art Pipeline
Elliott Mitchell – Vermont Digital Arts

Dyscourse by Owlchemy Labs – Funded!

IGC members Owlchemy Labs had quite the month! They had this to say about their latest project, Dyscourse:

We’re happy to announce that our Kickstarter for Dyscourse is successful!!

We thank you, our fans and supporters, for believing in us! Throughout the past month a lot of very cool stuff has happened and we thought we should break it down for everyone:

The CEO of Unity, David Helgason, gave Owlchemy this amazing shout-out!

He also has this stylin new Twitter icon!


We announced an awesome additional bonus story called the ‘Indie Plane Crash!’, starring a cast of intrepid indie developers who may find their game development skills to be a bit ‘useless’ on a desert island!


We’ve put together a mini-documentary on what makes Owlchemy Labs feel super Owlchemy-ey (yes, that’s now a word)!

We also announced that we’ll be continuing in this vein by creating a behind-the-scenes documentary of the development of Dyscourse thanks to our pal Alex Smith!

We also had some really great praise on Dyscourse!

  • “What a good art style, and what a good concept too.”Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • “The game has a bright art style, funny characters, and numerous, vastly different endings.”GameInformer
  • “The style and quality of the visuals are top notch!”IndieStatik
  • “Dyscourse is Owlchemy Labs’ most ambitious project to date”Joystiq
  • “This game looks amazing, and dialogue/storytelling is something that’s a very big deal to me”NerdyButFlirty

Also, a super minor thing…


Now that we have all your monies, we’re going to party it up really buckle down and continue cranking on Dyscourse! We couldn’t have done it without you all and we’re so excited to show you how amazing this game can be.

-Owlchemy Labs

Extra Life: Success!

A bunch of us participated in Extra Life, an annual charity event to raise money for local children’s hospitals. The event was organized by a collaboration between Boston Indies and the Tap Lab, and was hosted at Intrepid Labs in Cambridge!


The community came together to raise $2,087! It was an awesome day of gaming, both digital and tabletop. Thanks to everyone who attended!

For more information, view the Boston Indies Extra Life team page.

jamBOX: Key Music


jamBOX is a recurring week-long game jam that aims to get developers to take a short break from their current work and provide some open source assets and projects to support the greater gamedev community.

Week 3 (November 18th – 24th, 2013) Constraint:

Key Music: Musicians have created multiple packs of both music and effects to use in a game, you must use at least one pack when creating your game. Try to create the strongest connection between gameplay and your audio selections!

All the details for the event will be placed in this Google Doc as they become available.