School’s Out Summer Sale


Summer’s in full swing, but that doesn’t mean young minds can’t stay active!  Little Worlds Interactive and Test Tube Games have joined together with an amazing and award-winning group of game developers for the School’s Out Summer Sale, running from July 23rd – July 29th.  Check out the full sale with all 8 games at!


Agent Higgs $1.99 -> $0.99
Can you outwit the scientists and hide Agent Higgs?

by TestTubeGames



The Counting Kingdom $2.99 -> $0.99
Magic, math and monsters – exciting game makes practicing addition fun!

by Little Worlds Interactive

Update Newness: Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness, and Bananas

Rad rhythm game sensation Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness, and Bananas by Disco Pixel has been updated in the App Store. Can this be true?

Here’s what’s new:
New levels. New levels that walk players through the more advanced mechanics.
Skip to any played level when questing for gold medals. No need to start at the beginning of a stage.
Super hi res. It now looks gorgeous and crisp on massive retina displays from the iPhone 6+ to the iPad Air 2.
Revamped tutorial. What, you haven’t played yet? This one’s for you.


As of this moment it’s on the front page of the App Store under Best New Game Updates. Check it out!


Snow-Stopper Sale!

Close a winter of record snowfall with record low prices on games in the App Store!
Sayonara Snow Sale

The indie game community of Boston, fed up with bitter cold, are uniting to welcome Spring. Not by burying college kids in the snow like last year (still sorry). But by putting video games on sale! Boston’s indie game developers, excited at the prospect of putting snow shovels in storage (maybe), are lowering prices on iOS games in the Apple App Store. Wicked low temperatures are no match for wicked low prices! What games are we talking about?

Counting KingdomThe Counting Kingdom $2.99$0.99 Magical Math Tower Defense. Long winters make the monsters grumpy and they’re on the attack.



Jungle RumbleJungle Rumble $3.99$0.99 Rhythm Puzzle Romp. Monkeys and bananas and sunshine AND NO SNOW.



AaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! $3.99$0.99 Base Jumping Action. The game that inspired Bostonians to jump off buildings into piles of snow.



Jack LumberJack Lumber $3.99$0.99 Log Chopping Swiper. The trees may have killed his granny, but his flannel kept him through the winter.



PWNPWN $2.99$0.99 Cyber Strategy. 80s hacking movies were way better than 80s ski films. 



Agent HiggsAgent Higgs $1.99$0.99 Particle Physics Thinker. The Higgs Boson is rarer than a snowball in July. 



Girls Like RobotsGirls Like Robots $2.99$0.99 Seating Arrangement Puzzler. Maximize happiness with etiquette, empathy, and snowballs. 



Go Home DinosaursGo Home Dinosaurs $4.99$1.99 Barbecue Tower Defense. There’s nothing better on a spring day than a dinosaur chop on the grill. 



Monster Loves YouMonster Loves You $2.99$0.99 Monster Adventure. Eat the three little pigs. 


Dyscourse launch date announced!

Alex of Owlchemy Labs announced a launch date of March 25th for Dyscourse during the Indie Megabooth Twitch stream at PAX South!

The Twitch Stream from PAX South was the first time that Dyscourse has ever been streamed live. You can check out a recording of the stream HERE.

Trading Cards

As Disco Dodgeball nears launch, I’ll be adding Steam trading cards to the game and to make things interesting I’ve reached out to a wide variety of fantastic artists from around the world and will have them each create a trading card in their own personal style and interpretation. In the works are things like a pixel art de-make, a Dyscourse crossover, and an illustration of the ‘Early Years’ of the dodgeball robots.

Panel: Getting Started with Freelance Game Development

David Evans (Hybrid Mind Studios) and Michael Carriere (Zapdot) were part of a four-person panel on freelance game development that took place at the Microsoft NERD center in Cambridge, MA. David worked with Rohit Crasta (of Playcrafting Boston) to put the panel together.

Topics of discussion included:

– How to find contract work
– How to keep/manage contract work
– Basic business tips (negotiation, pricing, etc.)
– Basic legal tips (have a contract! where you can get basic contracts, how to avoid bad NDAs or NCAs, etc.)
– Possible types of contract work (advergames, serious games, education games, commercial games, etc.)
– Possible types of work terms (fixed price, hourly payment, revenue share, etc)
– How to recognize bad contract jobs/clients and fire them/move on.
– Negative side of being freelancer (no insurance, work from home/coworking space, different distraction like tax preparation, no stability, working on weekends) and how to minimize them.
– How to stay true to your indie dreams while contracting (ie, making time for your own projects)

The panel also included Boston locals Nina Klymenko (a 2D artist freelancer) and Caleb Garner (founder of Part 12 Studios.)

Thankful for Teachers Giveaway

It’s nearly Thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for here at Little Worlds Interactive. We’re thankful that the iOS launch of The Counting Kingdom has gone wonderfully, and we’re thankful for our amazing and supportive community.  We’re especially thankful for the teachers who work incredibly hard every day to help students be the best math wizards they can be!

To show our thanks to teachers we’d like to give back: between now and Friday Dec. 5th we’re giving away 5 free copies of The Counting Kingdom (on PC/Mac) to every teacher who emails us!


Here’s how to redeem your 5 free copies:

1) Email us at with the subject line “Thankful for Teachers Giveaway”.  Please make sure you email us from your school account.

2) Verify that you are a teacher in your email.  You could link to your school’s faculty directory or email us a scan of your faculty ID card.

(PS – If you’re not in the US make sure you let us know what country you’re from! We’ll need this info to send you the correct copies of the game.)

Thank you to all of the amazing teachers out there, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

<3, The Little Worlds Team

The Counting Kingdom, Where “Learning is Fun”

It’s been only a few weeks since The Counting Kingdom launched on the App Store and the response has been amazing!  The game has been featured by Apple in the Educational and Kids categories, and is listed as a “Best New App”.  It has also earned a 5-star ranking from players, with over a dozen reviews from happy parents and teachers.  Please don’t forget to rate and review the game on the App Store – the monsters would be so grateful!


Reviews have also been pouring in from all over the web – here are a few of our favorites:

“A delightful blend of tower defense, basic math concepts and cute graphics that should be a hit with any young gamer.” – Gamezebo

“Learning is so much more effective when it’s fun. It’s also better because it’s, you know, fun. That’s what works so well for The Counting Kingdom, a game that teaches kids all about the importance of addition – plus it’s actually a good game in its own right.” – 148Apps

Don’t have The Counting Kingdom yet?  This award-winning game would make a great present for any kid, parent or teacher!