Friday Lunches

Aside of picking each other’s brain as we’re chipping away at the development of our various games, we wasted no time in setting up a weekly meeting, on Friday, at lunch. Tentatively, this is called Friday Lunch, since we seem to have spent all of our creative juices elsewhere.

So, what happens at a typical Friday Lunch? Someone comes in with an idea, a game, or a specific question, and we spend an hour and a half doing a brain dump on it. One of the benefits of the collective is our varied backgrounds, which can provide an incredible amount of viewpoints on marketing, strategies for various platforms, and at the very least, entertainment, as we disagree with each other in front of our guest.

Visitors have included students, indies just getting their feet wet, and other developers such as ourselves, all who want access to a huge number of opinions and advice in a short amount of time. Our feedback is always honest, no matter how brutal, but always in the interest of making everyone more successful because of it.

Our meetings usually get booked anywhere from 6-8 weeks out, so if you’re interested, get in touch!