Snow-Stopper Sale!

Close a winter of record snowfall with record low prices on games in the App Store!
Sayonara Snow Sale

The indie game community of Boston, fed up with bitter cold, are uniting to welcome Spring. Not by burying college kids in the snow like last year (still sorry). But by putting video games on sale! Boston’s indie game developers, excited at the prospect of putting snow shovels in storage (maybe), are lowering prices on iOS games in the Apple App Store. Wicked low temperatures are no match for wicked low prices! What games are we talking about?

Counting KingdomThe Counting Kingdom $2.99$0.99 Magical Math Tower Defense. Long winters make the monsters grumpy and they’re on the attack.



Jungle RumbleJungle Rumble $3.99$0.99 Rhythm Puzzle Romp. Monkeys and bananas and sunshine AND NO SNOW.



AaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! $3.99$0.99 Base Jumping Action. The game that inspired Bostonians to jump off buildings into piles of snow.



Jack LumberJack Lumber $3.99$0.99 Log Chopping Swiper. The trees may have killed his granny, but his flannel kept him through the winter.



PWNPWN $2.99$0.99 Cyber Strategy. 80s hacking movies were way better than 80s ski films. 



Agent HiggsAgent Higgs $1.99$0.99 Particle Physics Thinker. The Higgs Boson is rarer than a snowball in July. 



Girls Like RobotsGirls Like Robots $2.99$0.99 Seating Arrangement Puzzler. Maximize happiness with etiquette, empathy, and snowballs. 



Go Home DinosaursGo Home Dinosaurs $4.99$1.99 Barbecue Tower Defense. There’s nothing better on a spring day than a dinosaur chop on the grill. 



Monster Loves YouMonster Loves You $2.99$0.99 Monster Adventure. Eat the three little pigs.